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  Welcome to Cartie Country 

Welcome to Lådbilslandet - Cartie Country!

Drive your own “soap box car” in a miniature town, where the church is on the village green and roads are winding through the countryside. The cars have real engines and drive on tarmac roads with bridges, roundabouts and road crossings. Get the Cartie Country drivers license! Choose for yourself if you want a regular car, a bus, a police car, a truck or the really heavy long distance lorry. There is also a motocross track. Race your best friend on the Cartie Country's three wheel motocross bikes.

If you want an easier pace, try Farming Country. This is where you drive miniature tractors with various agricultural machines. There is ample space, and if you are visiting Cartie Country for the first time, and want to test steering and stepping on the gas before you enter the traffic, we recommend that you start your cartie experience here.

If you still feel energetic or want to try some other fun in between, there is a small amusement park with a merry-go-round, jumping castle, playground and a steeplechase course. After the hardships of the steeplechase a short rest may be in order. Rides on the miniature train or a rafting trip across the water pond with your friends are popular pleasures. Nor do you want to pass the ice cream vendors by on a lovely vacation day like this.

Cartie Country is best suited to children between 2 and 10 years of age.

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  For those a bit older 

We also have a café where your parents can relax for a while. But we suspect they don't want to leave their seats next to the track, where they can watch all the fun happening in Cartie Country traffic.

If you are planning to bring the dog along on this outing – remind your parents that dogs are not allowed inside Cartie Country. There are smaller children who may be frightened even by your really friendly dog. Mum and Dad may come and go through the entrance as often as they wish to care for the dog.The staff will help with any problems or questions.

If you are on vacation and want to stay overnight we recommend Bommersvik, where cottages and rooms in lovely surroundings can be rented.
The entire family can play football/soccer, tennis, boule or billiards. There are barbecue sites, nature tracks, rowboats and a lit jogging track. Extensive areas for strolling are just around the corners. After a swim the comfortable and roomy sauna is waiting. Read more on the Bommersvik web site.


Don't forget to enter the contest where Sune hands out 10 entrance tickets to Lådbilslandet in Löttorp and Nykvarn each month! (In Swedish only)

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Opening hours & Entrance fees

Lådbilslandet - Cartie Country - in Nykvarn

Opening hours 2017

7 may-19 june

Saturday & Sunday



Midsummer holidays

26 june - 13 August

Daily 10.00-17.00

Saturday & Sunday 11.00-17.00


19-27 august
Saturday & Sunday
Open 11.00 - 17.00

Entrance 350 SEK / child
Adults free



Contact information


Nedre Bruket  Nykvarn

E-mail: ladbilslandet@nykvarn.com

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Lådbilslandet is also situated in Löttorp on Öland.